Paragon’s Latest Hero is the Countess, a Sexy Vampire Caster-Assassin

Paragon, Countess

She’s one team-mate you can probably count on.

Epic Games has shown off the newest Paragon hero(ine): Countess, who appears to be a femme fatale vampire wielding dual blades and wearing enough black leather to be mistaken for a dominatrix. She was first revealed in a reveal video last week, but there’s a new overview video that goes over her abilities now. Here’s the reveal trailer first, though:

Here’s how the Countess actually plays. She is a Caster-Assassin whose chief play style is to jump in and out of combat, assassinating key targets while spreading misdirection and unpredictability.

Dark Tide, one of her abilities, sends forth a ‘rolling cloud’ that deals area-of-effect damage. Blade Siphon involves spinning her blades around to attack enemies, which will also grant health back to the Countess. Shadow Slip allows you to teleport to an enemy, which will cause them to slow down. This leaves behind an image of the Countess, which you can return to. Countess’ Ultimate is called ‘Feast’, and it makes the Countess jump straight for the enemy, stun it and then deal a large amount of damage to it.

Paragon is now available on PC and PS4.



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