Paper Mario: Color Splash – Where to Find All Yellow Toad Rescue Squad Members


The Yellow Toad Rescue Squad is one of five squads in Paper Mario: Color Splash that you’ll need to find in order to progress further. You’ll find the Yellow Squad leader at the entrance of the Sacred Forest, trying to pull a turnip out of a warp pipe. He’ll ask you to find his 11 squad members, who are all spread out among other levels. Finding all of them will allow you to progress further in the Sacred Forest. Here are the locations of all 11 members.

Yellow Toad #1- Located in Golden Coliseum. After fighting Iggy the first time, go into the door all the way on the left of the Coliseum entrance. Follow the path to the room with the Bone, and you’ll find three Toads.

Yellow Toad#2- Located in Golden Coliseum. Same place as Yellow Toad #1.

Yellow Toad#3- Located in Golden Coliseum. Same place as Yellow Toads #1 and #2.

Yellow Toad #4- Located in Plum Park. In the very first underground room, use the second lift and reach the platform above. The Toad will be facing sideways, so you’ll need to spot him.

Yellow Toad #5- Located in the Violet Passage. Before you head down into the paintless ocean, take a look in the barrel next to the steps down. You’ll need to hit it with your hammer, and the Toad will pop out.

Yellow Toad #6- Located in the Violet Passage. You’ll see this Toad stuck in a barrel on the right side of the ship. Just talk to him, pull him out, and you’ll be good to go.

Yellow Toad #7- Located in the Violet Passage. This Toad is surrounded by a group of mischievous Shy Guys by the wheel of the ship. Beat the enemies off and save the Toad.

Yellow Toad #8- Located in the Violet Passage. Head over to the bow of the ship at the very front, and this Toad will be trapped by yet another Shy Guy. Once again, just beat the enemy and save him.

Yellow Toad #9- Located in the Violet Passage. This Toad is also located on the ship, this time up the mast. Just hit the mast with your hammer and the Toad, along with a group of Shy Guys, will drop down. Be warned however, one of the enemies will be a special black Shy Guy that you can only damage with Thing Cards.

Yellow Toad #10- Located at the Mustard Cafe. This toad is easy to find, just walk into the area and spot the giant colorless spot with two Toads at the center.

Yellow Toad #11- Located in Redpepper Volcano. Head into the volcano and jump over the floating platforms to the next area. You’ll walk into a small room filled with lava and see the Toad straight ahead.

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