Michael Pachter Apologizes for Remark about Satoru Iwata

Michael Pachter has offered an official apology after he made a rather thoughtless remark about the recently deceased president and chief executive officer of Nintendo Satoru Iwata.

Michael Pachter referred to Iwata as “the late and not so great Satoru Iwata” during a podcast a few days ago. As you can see from the comments, the comment did not go unnoticed by listeners and it has been deemed a crass remark to say.

During a recent interview with GamingBolt, Pachter began by apologizing for his remarks.

“I want to take an opportunity to formally and vocally apologize for being crass and unfeeling when I said that Mr Iwata is late but not so great,” said Patcher. “I think that that was rude, and uncalled for. I did not feel he was a very good businessperson- he was clearly a wonderful, kind man, with a ton of talent, and he shepherded a great company during his tenure there.” Props to Pachter for recognizing and taking responsibility for his mistake.

Iwata passed away in July of last year from a bile duct cancer. He was the president and CEO of Nintendo from 2002-2015. He was very well regarded by gamers around the world who came together in solidarity following his passing.

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