Mafia III: All Underbosses and Their Perks or Bonuses

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Mafia III, Cassandra, character

Cassandra is the first underboss you will get in Mafia III, shortly after completing the intro that sets up the story and releases you into the massive open city of New Bordeaux. She’s the Haitian gang leader and quite clever. After convincing her to team up with you to take out Sal, she’s willing to share her resources with you. Completing favors for her and increasing her earnings will put several items, perks, and upgrades at your disposal, mostly revolving around weapon acquisition and upgrading.

Her unlocks are as follows:

  • $0 –  Mobile arms dealer (allows you to buy weapons on the go)
  • $30,000 –  Screaming Zemi (Distraction)
  • $60,000 –  Improved accuracy gun upgrade
  • $100,000 –  Shut down all phones in an area for 5 minutes
  • $140,000 –  Increased ammo capacity gun upgrade
  • $180,000  – Screaming Zemi (Smoke Bomb)
  • $220,000 –  Improved stability weapon upgrade
  • $270,000  – Shut down all phones in an area for 10 minutes
  • $320,000 –  Screaming Zemi (Exploding)
  • $370,000 –  Quick reload weapon upgrade
  • $420,000 –  Shut down phones and call for backup
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