5 Incredible Gears of War 4 Details You (Probably) Didn’t Notice

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Lightning Bolts

Gears of War 4

One of the most notable environmental effects that you’ll stumble upon often throughout Gears of War 4’s campaign is¬†Windflares. These are intense storms that can greatly affect your field of vision and maneuverability, while also posing a threat thanks to their lethal lightning strikes. Though you’ll most likely be focusing too much on just surviving these dangerous scenarios, take a moment to just check out the lightning bolts in a Windflare.

As each one strikes the floor, you can see many smaller bolts forming alongside it. Each one’s impact on the floor is highlighted by a kick up of light and static dissipating into the atmosphere around it, and the lighting effects as you make your way through each meteorological gauntlet is a sight to be seen. Take a minute to just appreciate it next time… just watch out for those lightning strikes.

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