GTA Online Celebrates Third Anniversary With Free In-Game Money and Halloween Bonuses

GTA Online, Halloween

A free quarter of a million is a pretty nice gift.

Rockstar Games is celebrating three years of Grand Theft Auto Online with free money for all players, the publisher announced today. All players who log in to GTA Online on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC from today through October 31 will receive a gift of GTA$250,000. The in-game currency will be deposited in players’ Maze Bank accounts by November 4.

The company is giving players more options to spend that money on with an anniversary sale offering 30 percent off discounts on various vehicles, weapons, clothing, and other content. The sale includes items that were introduced as far back as the November 2013 Beach Bum update. The discounts last until November 7, and Rockstar has temporarily removed all rank and completion requirements so anyone can buy and use these items.

GTA Online will also be hosting its Halloween event this week with a skull-decorated motocycle and a new Adversary Mode called Lost vs Damned. The conflict involves Angels and Devils fighting against each other with a day/night cycle that switches every 60 seconds. Angels fight better in the day with Devils ruling the night. Each team receives increased armor, health and superior weapon loadouts during their respective time phase. Rockstar will bringing back items from past Halloween events, so check out our guide to all the new content when more information is available.


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