Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Tetsuya Nomura Confirms Action Combat for the Game

final fantasy vii remake, e3 2017

No longer challenged in the ways of old.

Despite fan demand, it looks like the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have action combat, and will not be returning to the turn-based RPG formula or the ATB system. In an interview with Dengeki Online, Nomura stated that the development team was working on some in-game systems that will be different from what we saw in the original game, but will still be able to enjoy.

‘We’ve heard a lot of [FFVII] fans also say that they want to play the game with the original ATB style, but for the remake we’re proceeding toward an action-heavy style. Of course, we’ve added systems that future fans will be able to enjoy, so people who are bad at action-style battles, please don’t worry. For those who excel at action-style battles, we’re working to make this a system that’s different than what you’ve used before and can still enjoy. Recently, we checked the Guard Scorpion at the beginning of the game, and I think you’ll be satisfied with the realism you’ll feel there.’

Nomura also mentioned that 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and while Square Enix is swamped with other projects like Kingdom Hearts III and World of Final Fantasy, he would like to plan some updates or special announcements for the anniversary.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced for the PS4 back at E3 2015.

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