Everything New in Destiny’s Festival of the Lost Halloween Event

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destiny festival of the lost

What’s a Halloween event without some treats that Guardians can consume as they enjoy the 2016 Destiny: Festival of the Lost Event. Last year was full of tons of goodies that let you change your appearance or earn some bonuses and this year looks to be no different. There are some new additions as well as some updated oldies (but goodies). Here’s what you can scarf down as you trick-or-treat through the game’s social spaces.

  • Bad Dream – New creepy head replacement.
  • Chromatic Jackolyte – Updated pumpkin head that’s shiny.
  • Crawl of Creeps – New spawn animation with spiders.
  • Gifts of the Lost – Candy bag.
  • Sleepless Gaze – Replaces head with giant eye.
  • Strokes of Midnight – New spawn animation.
  • Treasures of the Lost – Giftbox containing random Festival of the Lost items.
  • Whim of Rahool – New spawn animation.
  • Fight of Shadows –  Updated spawn animation with bats.
  • Ascendant Raisins – Updated Tiny Raisins
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