Digimon World: Next Order’s Western Release Will Be Much More Difficult Than Its Japan Version

digimon worlds: next order

“The Japanese difficulty is like the easy mode in the US version.”

With Digimon World: Next Order preparing to launch on PS4 in the West next year, we took some time to sit down with Producer Kazumasa Habu and talk about differences between this release and its Japanese counterpart. According to Habu, the rest of the world will be seeing a much more challenging version overall.

After the game’s Japan release back in March of this year, the team realized fans were disappointed by the lighter challenge adopted from Digimon Story titles. While Redigitize and Decode both felt too difficult, the World team found that they dialed back too far with Next Order, and needed to re-balance for the Western release.

“The people playing this game are core fans,” said Habu, “so we wanted to make it harder to clear, harder to raise Digimon, harder to train, harder to beat the boss.”

Next Order will have three difficulties in this new version, an Easy and Normal mode available from the start, and a Hard mode unlocked after clearing the game once. “The Japanese difficulty is like the easy mode in the US version,” Habu noted.

The game will also feature a New Game Plus mechanic, in that you get to keep your Digimon once you begin a new hard mode campaign.

Digimon World: Next Order is set to launch on PS4 in North America and Europe in 2017.

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