Dead Rising 4’s New Trailer Shows Off Frank West as a Zombie-Killing Santa

dead rising 4, xbox one, games, december, 2016

Join Frank on his slay ride.

Microsoft and Capcom have just released a brand new trailer for Dead Rising 4, and it gives us a good look at the many costumes we’ll get to try on in the game. You can check out the new trailer down below.

Most notably, protagonist Frank West will get to put on a Santa Claus costume and go on a zombie-slaying rampage. Other cool outfits include Frank in his bathrobe with a face mask on, and a reindeer head. The trailer also gave us a look at the different types of weapons we can use against the zombies, including explosives and a variety of swords. Overall, the game is looking just as insane and outrageous as its predecessors, and we can’t wait to continue Frank’s story in this entry. Of course, the game will also allow players to take selfies.

Dead Rising 4 is set to be released for the Xbox One and PC on December 6. What are your thoughts on the game so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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