Could Rockstar’s Cryptic Tweet Point to a Red Dead Redemption Sequel?

Rockstar has tweeted just minutes ago a simple picture of their logo. Now that might not sound like the start of a particularly interesting news item. However, it bears a striking resemblance to Red Dead Redemption in its look:

Does that look like anything to you? Whilst there isn’t anything else to go on and cryptic tweets like this are designed to get the imagination soaring, it certainly recalls the look of Rockstar’s Wild West masterpiece Red Dead Redemption. The scorched-earth red and cattle-brand logo fit very nicely indeed with Red Dead’s rustic aesthetic. It has been speculated for a long time that a sequel has been in the works at Rockstar, specifically Rockstar San Diego. Earlier this year there was a leaked map that looked particularly convincing.

It is easy to speculate and get excited over such things as this; however, it seems unlikely that Rockstar simply wanted to show off a new logo to the world when rumours of a sequel have been flying as long as they have for this one. There’s no denying the look of it recalls Red Dead Redemption’s art work. What do you think? Is it time to saddle up?

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