Civilization VI Looks Appropriately Grand and Epic in its Launch Trailer

Growing and evolving.

Firaxis and 2K Games have just released the launch trailer for Civilization VI, and it looks, well, it looks great. And also very incredibly epic. You can check out the new trailer down below.

Appropriately, the trailer shows off a few of the leaders that will be featured in the game, and shows how one singular civilization can grow and evolve over hundreds of years. From simple ships and stone buildings to the first airplane and mankind’s first foray into outer space, the trailer perfectly encapsulates the idea of pouring resources into a growing colony of people and shaping it to become something much bigger and grander than what it had initially started out as. Of course, the trailer neglected to show off all the backstabbing and betrayals that can occur during multiplayer games, but I guess that would ruin the tone the devs were trying to go for.

Civilization VI is set to be released on PC on October 21.

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