4 Possibilities You’ll Have to Face About the Nintendo Switch, Though

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That Stand is Going to Snap


With the Nintendo Switch being both a home and portable console, you’re likely going to be carrying it around with you and setting it on a table. To that end, the system will come with a stand so you don’t have to prop it up on anything, which is a godsend for something like this. If you’re someone who has a black table, this will definitely help it not blend in with the rest of the scenery when reaching over to turn it on.

The thing is, there’s a very good chance that thing is going to snap within the first couple days of you using it. Either it’s going to snap in half, or it’ll be pulled back too far and break off, but either way, it’s not long for this world. Much like the Wii strap, it’s going to come off at the worst possible moment and could end up pressing a button for you on the controller. On that note…

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