10 Bronze Trophies That Weren’t Worth our Time, Who Do You Think You Are?

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One of the best parts of playing a game on PlayStation is hearing the sound of that trophy pop up after you beat a difficult boss or complete a rather tough challenge. Most of the time we are rewarded with golden or silver digital bragging rights that we can show off to all of our friends. Yet, sometimes developers just decide to give us a bronze trophy for all of our efforts.


Not only can this deflate any trophy hunter’s ego, but getting a third place reward for going above and beyond is a bit frustrating. It’s a step away from just giving everyone a medal for pressing the start button and hardly gives you any anything to be cocky about. However, there are some bronze trophies that should really be bumped up to gold. As much as we like a good challenge, these 10 bronze trophies have some serious explaining to do.

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