World of Warcraft: Legion’s Companion App is Now Live, Here’s Where to Get It

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Companions of all kinds needed.

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Legion, you’ll find this to be very useful. Blizzard has released a companion app for the Android Store (at time of writing, the app isn’t on iTunes). This video goes into what to expect from the app.

With the app, you’ll be able to keep up with your character’s order haul and quest. Through it, you can switch out upgrades and manage the equipment of Champions that you’ve recruited. The app’s Recruit section lets you train new troops.

The mission icon shows all the quests you’ve got available, and you can assign troops to take care of them. Right from the app, you can complete them and gain a reward, which will be placed in your inventory the next time you hop on your computer and boot up World of Warcraft: Legion. The companion app also allows you to filter World Quests in the Broken Isles, but you’ll need be logged into World of Warcraft proper to go on them, assuming you’ve reached level 110.

Have fun using this in Legion!

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