World of Warcraft Players Created Almost 4 Million Demon Hunters During Legion’s Pre-expansion Event

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Needless to say, Demon Hunters turned out to be pretty popular.

A few weeks before the launch of Legion, World of Warcraft players were tasked with fighting off the largest demonic invasions in the history of Azeroth as part of a special pre-expansion event. Thanks to the millions of people who played during that time, Blizzard was able to gather a large amount of interesting data and recently decided to put together a neat infographic that shows just how successful the event was.

The infographic in question reveals that World of Warcraft players were able to repeal no less than 2.5 million demonic invasions, with the total number of times players fought against the Legion reaching 155 million. Blizzard also says that 3.9 million Demon Hunters were created during the pre-expansion event and that more than half a million of those also went on to wreak havoc in battlegrounds. The new hero class introduced in Legion was so popular, in fact, that Blizzard registered 1.7 million instances of players doing dungeon runs with 4 Demon Hunters in the party.


World of Warcraft: Legion launched on August 30th and added a lot of new features and content to the game, including Demon Hunters, artifact weapons, order halls, a revamped transmog system, a new continent called The Broken Isles, and much more.

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