Watch Mafia III’s Protagonist Infiltrate a Hotel in the Latest Gameplay Footage


Lincoln Clay taking down the Mafia, piece by piece.

Mafia III’s release date is quickly approaching, and 2K has given us a fresh look at the game over on its official YouTube account. A new 17-minute gameplay demo released today gives us a brief introduction to the world of New Bordeaux, and shows protagonist Lincoln Clay infiltrating a hotel to take out one of Sal Marcano’s underbosses.

The video starts with Lincoln speeding down a river on a boat, before introducing us to the underbosse Tony Derazio, and showing us how he scams and threatens local businesses and citizens. There are plenty of options to take in Mafia III with each combat situation, taking enemies out from complete stealth or going in guns blazing.

The gameplay demo shows Lincoln infiltrating the hotel stealthily, taking enemies out along the way, before opening fire on a bunch of henchman. Things end with our protagonist taking out Derazio, and throwing him out a window to use as an example. Take a look at the full video down below.

Mafia III launches on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also take a look at a new trailer released today, detailing the weapons that will be at your disposal in the game. If you want to see the full list of period appropriate songs being used in Mafia III, take a look at it here.


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