You Can Voice a Character in an Upcoming Mass Effect Game, Here’s How

mass effect andromeda

Take your voice to Andromeda

Bioware is hosting a contest where fans have the opportunity to have their voice talents featured in an upcoming Mass Effect game. If you are interested in entering the contest, all you need to do is download the one of the official scripts and record yourself reading from it. Video or audio recordings are permitted but keep in mind, the entries will be judged on not only the level of talent, but also how well the voice performance style would fit into a potential Mass Effect game.

The deadline to submit entires is Sept 28 6:59 AM GMT. The winner will be notified Nov 30th. The winner of the contest will be flown to the recording studio and have a professional recording session.

Bioware also released a fun video to announce the contest.

Before submitting, be sure to read the official contest rules and requirements. You can get more information about the contest on their official website. Good luck to all participants!

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