Watch the Evolution of the Xbox Dashboard in 15 Seconds with This GIF

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The evolution of Xbox right before your eyes

The Xbox dashboard is something that you kind of just get accustomed to and take for granted. It’s a great platform for accessing all of the different features of Microsoft’s console, and it sure has come a long way.

Posted by Reddit user, hockjo, this GIF shows the transformation of the Xbox dashboard from its very early beginnings on the original Xbox back in 2001. Since then, the dashboard has seen a number of different iterations from the incredibly green original dashboard, the popular blades of the Xbox 360, to the tiles and tabs we’re not greeted with when powering on our Xbox Ones.

I found this to be interesting. It’s a look at how the dashboard has changed from the original Xbox to the Xbox 1

With Microsoft moving towards a Universal Windows Platform (UWP), it’ll be interesting to see how dashboard iterations continue to evolve the experience in the future. Only time will tell.

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