5 Things We Learned From Playing Call of Duty: Zombies in Spaceland

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The Zombies Are Crazy. Like, Exploding Clown Crazy

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland

Call of Duty’s latest Zombies mode, Zombies in Spaceland, boasts a whole lot of style. You’re going to be facing up against ’80s zombies this time around. Every single one looks fresh out of the Take On Me music video. But don’t let their fresh duds fool you, these were no joke during the CoD XP event. They started off calm enough, as the zombies mode is wont to do.

Higher up in the levels you’ll be facing up against zombies that fit the carnival theme. That’s right: exploding clowns. What’s that? You never would have guessed? Well, be glad I warned you about these. Once they start running (in a murder of explosive clowns), they’ll be aiming to get real close to blow you up. Shoot them down quickly to detonate them at a safe distance.

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