The Trail, Peter Molyneux’s Latest Game, is Now Listed on the App Store

The Trail

Molyneux’s first stealth release?

The Trail, the newest game from Peter Molyneux’s infamous studio 22 Cans, has just popped up with a listing on the iTunes store, complete with new details and artwork for the independent mobile title.

The description for the game – now fully titled as “The Trail: A Frontier Journey” – promises that you can “make your fortune” and “build a community” as you walk along the eponymous trail “through different landscapes and fantastic vistas”.

The game appears to be a casual third person adventure, boasting a similar visual aesthetic to 22 Cans’ last title, Godus.

As of now, users aren’t able to download or play the application in the US, but Kotaku reports that The Trail is fully available in The Philippines.

You can also view some gameplay for the title via footage captured by ALLSTARS PRODUCTIONS below.

Until now, very little has been revealed by 22 Cans about The Trail, so whether this represents a stealth release or a technical faux pas remains unclear.

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