The Best Destiny Expansions: All 5 Ranked

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Destiny 1.0


There’s no denying it: when Destiny first released in 2014, it wasn’t the best it could be. The shooting mechanics were fun, the leveling and powers were awesome, and the co-op and multiplayer worked like like a charm. That said, it was also clear that stuff that was supposed to be in the game was cut out for whatever reason. The most glaring example of this, besides the obvious one, would have to be the Patrols, which largely had you schlepping from devoid area to devoid area to have an enemy encounter. And having to grind for worthwhile content in the endgame is not fun.

It also doesn’t help that the story for the game is incredibly lacking, somehow both barely there and also incredibly impenetrable. That in and of itself would’ve been fine, if it also weren’t for the fact that it’s bogged down by some not so stellar writing. Yes, it improved later on, but you’re never truly going to be able to escape such groanworthy lines like “I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.”

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