Starbound: How to Get Fishing Rods, Lures, and Reels

Fishing has finally joined the world of Starbound, so if you’re looking to head out to the sea and grab some rare fish, here’s how to make your very own fishing rod, and how to get reels and lures for it.


There are two fishing rods available now: a Fishing Rod and a Durable Fishing Rod. The former can fish in ocean and arctic worlds, while the latter is needed to fish in more extreme places, like toxic and magma biomes.

For a regular fishing rod, you’ll need 10 String, 30 Timber, and 2 Titanium Bars. Combine these at a Foraging Table, and you’ll be set. A Durable Fishing Rod is made at an Agricultural Station, and requires 2 Silver Bars, 5 Synthetic Material, and 6 Durasteel Bars.


Reels can appear as treasure when you catch fish of rarity uncommon or higher. Reels will affect your line, with better ones offering greater strength (High Tension Reel), distance (High Capacity Reel), and winding speed (High Speed Reel).


Lures also appear as treasure when you catch fish of rarity uncommon or higher. The Illuminated Lure lights up the area nearby, making it easier to see what fish are around. Sinking Lures will sink deep into the water, allowing you to catch different types of fish. The Motorized Lure gives you control over the lure while it’s cast, so you can navigate it towards the fish you want. To put a lure onto your rod, select it from your inventory then right click your rod.

If you need help with fishing itself, check out our guide here!

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