Sony’s TGS Conference Shows Off PlayStation VR For Godzilla, Live Concerts and More

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PlayStation VR is more than just games.

Sony’s TGS conference today was a rapid stream of announcements and new looks at the upcoming games and projects from the company. One of the big focuses for the company was of course giving us a look at PlayStation VR. Besides the brand new games and support coming to VR, it looks like there’s going to be integration for a multitude of other things like concerts, apps, live footage of events and more.

One particularly interesting thing shown during the flurry of footage, was what looked to be some kind of Godzilla experience on VR. The user saw the events of a Godzilla attack in first person, as military helicopters and artillery blasted at the monster.

Sony also showed off support for something called anywhereVR. This app, created by Sony Music Entertainment, gives users a serene and peaceful setting to put themselves into through the VR headset while they listen to their favorite music. It looks like PlayStation VR will have the ability to view concerts, live events, explore buildings and more. It isn’t clear what kind of things we might see on PS VR.

What kind of apps and uses do you hope to see come to PlayStation VR? Let us know down in the comments below.


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