ReCore’s Launch Trailer Has Loyalty, Elusiveness, and Brute Force

Recore E3

Everyone needs companions.

Armature and Microsoft’s ReCore isn’t that far off from being released, and today, the game’s launch trailer has been revealed. The plot for the game is still relatively under wraps, but the trailer sheds some light on things. Our lead character Joule is given her robotic friends–Seth, Mac, and Duncan–by her father, and she journeys across Far Eden to save mankind from evil robots.

While Mack, Seth, and Duncan aren’t the only companions Joule will have to join her in quest–there’s two other robots shown at the end of the trailer, but neither are named–they’re the most prominent here. Mack was given to her by her dad for “loyalty,” Seth for its “elusiveness,” and Duncan for sheer brute strength. All of which she’ll need as her enemies come after her for her Cores.

ReCore arrives on the Xbox One and Windows 10 on Sept. 13th. Microsoft recently contracted a painter to come up with some cool art for the game, which you can check out here.

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