PS4 Firmware Update Will Bring HDR Gaming To Every Console

hdr ps4 pro playstation meeting

HDR Gaming For All!

Today’s Playstation event revealed a lot of new information about the future of PS4. Among the announcements of the all new Slim/Pro, a pair of updated consoles designed to bring more gamers to the system, Andrew House revealed that the gorgeous HDR graphics tied to the Pro would be coming to every console.

Of the 40 million plus consoles available worldwide, each will receive a firmware update by the end of the year allowing them to access new graphical heights. High-dynamic-range-imaging is a relatively new technique that calculates lighting in a more efficient manner, allowing for a greater range of luminosity. This enhances contrast ratios and enriches the color you can see on the screen. This means games with lush jungles like Horizon Zero Dawn will be even more gorgeous than we’ve previously seen!

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