Pro Evolution Soccer Sales Are Down, but Konami’s Not Worried

pro evolution soccer

“We are delighted with the critical reception PES 2017 has received.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 was released last week but, as we reported, it failed to take the top spot in the UK game charts upon its debut and was beaten instead by BioShock: The Collection. This is a slightly less successful launch compared to last year’s PES but Konami isn’t worried.

In an interview with MCV global product and brand manager Adam Bhatti said: “We are delighted with the critical reception PES 2017 has received. We naturally believe in it as a product and where it is headed, but the level of love for the game this year is staggering. Our stated intentions have been universally well received and the review scores are mind-blowing. Such reviews help justify the big improvements and the overall direction we’re taking the series. We will never underestimate EA and the talented FIFA team, but our goal is naturally to establish PES as the definitive football title.”

Bhatti went on to express how important the quality of each PES game is and how the company never wants to rest on its laurels if it wants to beat EA when it comes to making great soccer games.

“To do this, we need to sustain this level of quality for a long time to come – and we genuinely believe this will equate to more users and, in time, increased sales.

“We have managed to change perceptions of the series in a few years, but cannot afford to rest on our laurels, though, and will be looking into where we go from here and addressing how we can further enhance the game via download elements during the coming year. We focused on always improving and looking to grow the series.”

Pro Evolution Soccer is available now and FIFA 17 is set to be released next week. The competition is fierce, but which do you prefer?


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