8 Exciting Ways Pokemon Sun and Moon Are Changing Things up for the Best

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Z-Moves, Pokemon Sun and Moon

In Pokemon X and Y, we got the mega evolutions of certain Pokemon that altered their form and made them far more formidable in battle. With Sun and Moon, Pokemon Trainers will have yet another move in their arsenal: Z-Moves. Z-Moves occur when a Pokemon and its trainers’ wishes resonate with one another. When this happens, an incredibly powerful Z-Move is performed.

This can only happen once per battle, so you won’t be able to simply cheese your way through every encounter you come across. You’ll also need the Z-Ring with the same Z-Crystal in it that your Pokemon has in order to establish the connection. While the mega evolutions of X and Y were great, Z-Moves look set to bring a whole new layer of depth and strategy to the battle proceedings. Do you wipe out their most powerful Pokemon straight away? Or save your Z-Move for an enemy Pokemon that your attacks may be far weaker against?

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