Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Can Grab a Special Munchlax for Free at the Game’s Launch


What a nice gift!

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s release date is quickly approaching, and Nintendo has a gift for anyone that starts their journey early and buys the game at launch. Today during their Nintendo Direct the company announced that Munchlax will be available as a free download, starting at the game’s launch until January 2017.

This Munchlax comes with a special Snorlian Z Crystal, that allows it to use the Z Move pulverizing pancake when it turns into Snorlax. As if Snorlax couldn’t be any more powerful right? Besides the free Munchlax, Nintendo also had a bit of new footage to show off, detailing Rattata’s Alola form and some new info on Z Moves. Take a look at the full trailer down below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launches on November 18, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.


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