Pokemon GO Data Miners Find Code That May Let Pokemon Walk Around With You

Pokemon. arceus, GO pikachu

Long walks on the beach with my Jolteon

For those who are still playing Pokemon GO, you might be receiving a pleasant surprise in an upcoming update. Dataminers on GitHub have found code within the app, seemingly for a Pokemon buddy system.

The code looks like it will let players select a Pokemon to “walk” with them as they play. The program that counts your steps to hatch eggs is reportedly the same being used for this buddy system. Instead of getting new Pokemon, players will be awarded candy, which will make it easier to evolve rarer creatures. It was not stated how much candy players will receive and while it looks like you can do this multiple times a day, there is probably a limit on this. It also seems players will only also only get to walk with one Pokemon at a time.

According to the report, the code is completely done and this feature might even be seen in the next update.


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