Pokemon GO Current Content Is “Tip of the Iceberg,” New Generations on the Way, Says Niantic CEO

Niantic CEO John Hanke recently spoke on Pokemon GO at the TechCrunch conference in San Francisco, touching on the game’s future, incoming events, as well as the ever-elusive Ditto.

According to TechCrunch, when asked whether players could actually encounter Ditto in Pokemon GO, Hanke said it is in the game, and that “you will find” it. As for other inaccessible Pokemon, Hanke said the team is working on carefully creating events that will introduce Pokemon generations outside of the original 150, but first they’re waiting for the “craziness of the launch to die down.” The content currently available in Pokemon GO, he added, is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

ditto voltorb pokemon

As for trainer vs. trainer battling, Hanke noted that it’s not presently in the works, but will be a part of the game’s long-term plans. He also shared that despite a decline in users, Pokemon GO is still going strong.

Pokemon GO recently added a new Buddy System in an update currently being rolled out worldwide. The feature allows trainers to select a buddy Pokemon and receive its respective Candy after walking a certain distance with it.

Need even more Pokemon? Sun and Moon are set to release Nov. 18, bringing a host of new features and possibly a disturbingly dark plot. Nintendo also just announced Pokemon Generations, an animated series coming to YouTube that will explore the untold stories of each game generation’s plot.

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