Pokemon GO Buddy System: How Long You Have to Walk for Each Pokemon Candy in One Convenient Chart

If you’re just starting out with Pokemon GO’s new buddy system, you’re probably wondering which member of your ever-growing team deserves that special buddy slot. Though you can see how far you’ll need to walk to earn Candy for each Pokemon as you assign them, Poke Assistant has created a convenient guide outlining everything you need to know about your potential walking partners.

Over on Poke Assistant, you can see how many kilometers you’ll have to travel to nab Candy with each Pokemon. The site then calculates efficiency for each option, figuring out how much walking you’d have to do to evolve them, and how much average CP you’ll gain per kilometer, based on that Pokemon’s typical CP gain.

By their math, the least efficient buddies in terms of CP/km include Chansey, Onix, Mr. Mime and Hitmonlee, while some of the most lucrative ones are Magikarp, Gyarados, and Clefairy.

Pidgey will be the easiest buddy to evolve, requiring only 12km to do so. Dragonair, on the other hand, will require a whopping 500km to take the final leap into Dragonite.

Let us know who you’ll be setting as your buddy, and if you need help figuring out how to do that, check out this quick guide.

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