PlayStation 4 Pro’s “Forward Compatibility” Will Improve Existing PS4 Games

PlayStation 4 Pro Forward Compatibility

Both first and third-party games will benefit from the Pro.

Speaking today at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting Event, Mark Cerny revealed that “forward compatibility” will allow already-released PlayStation 4 titles to look better when played on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Both first and third-party titles will receive forward compatibility support, including Paragon, Infamous: First Light and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Formerly known to the world by its codename “Neo,” the PlayStation 4 Pro was unveiled today by Sony as a 4K gaming and HDR display console. The new console comes with a 1 TB hard drive has twice the graphical processing power as the standard PS4

Sony also revealed that gamers will be able to port their existing PlayStation 4 games library over to the Pro, where, as mentioned, some of those titles will receive a graphical boost thanks to the new console’s upgraded processing power.


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