Paragon’s Newest Hero Looks Like a Strange Mix Between Master Chief and Commander Shepard

Paragon's latest hero looks awfully familiar

Omni-tool not included.

Paragon, Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA features a very interesting line-up of quirky characters that include things like a lizard-riding goblin, a cat in a mech suit, a robot angel, death itself, and more. The latest hero to join the roster stands out for being a bit more conventional looking that some of the others, however, Lt. Belica does bear a certain resemblance to Commander Shepard and some of her weaponry are awfully reminiscent of what you might expect to find in Master Chief’s arsenal. Coincidence? Perhaps…

Looks aside, Lt. Belica is a caster that specializes in burst damage and mana management. Her bread and butter come in the form of a skill shot called Seismic Assault and Void Bomb, an ability that damages enemies and restores a certain portion of mana to the player for each enemy hit. Meanwhile, Lt. Belica can also deploy a Void Drone to drain enemies of their mana and damage them when they cast an ability. Finally, Paragon’s newest addition is able to take advantage of enemies with low mana thanks to Neural Disruptor, an ultimate ability that deals damage to her enemies based on how much mana they are missing.

Players will be able to check out Lt. Belica in-game starting next Tuesday, September 13th. Paragon is currently in its Open Beta testing phase and is scheduled to launch later this year for PC and PS4.

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