Nintendo Sends Zelda Package to Fan Who Lost His Brother to Epilepsy

The legend of Matt will live on forever.

Zelda fan Corey Austin received a Zelda package from Nintendo after hearing about the touching letter he wrote in Zelda Informer about how much the series meant to him and his brother. Corey’s brother Matt had passed away from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. Austin explains that they were both looking forward to watching Nintendo’s presentation and picking apart the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer and gameplay. Matt unfortunately passed away on May 2016 just a couple weeks shy of E3.

Nintendo was touched by his story and sent Corey a Zelda themed package in the mail. The package was full of Zelda themed merchandise and a handwritten note expressing their condolences. Corey expressed that it was “very thoughtful swag to cheer up a grieving gamer.”

Corey continues to honor his brother’s memory by raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation in a Twitch stream called Moblins For Matt.  We thank you Corey for sharing The Legend of Matt and he will forever be remembered as our favorite hero of Hyrule.


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