New Screenshots Arrive For Episode Two of Batman – The Telltale Series

Batman - The Telltale Series

Bruce Wayne Bar Fight Alert!

Telltale Games has just released a bunch of new screenshots from the second, upcoming episode of its latest episodic title, Batman – The Telltale Series.

The three screens don’t reveal too much, but we do get a glimpse of Bruce Wayne in a hoodie(!), and an unidentifiable gunman wearing some sort of bird-themed mask (you probably know who might be responsible for that).

Check them out in all their high-definition glory below.

Batman - The Telltale Series

Batman - The Telltale Series

Batman - The Telltale Series

Episode Two: Children of Arkham is set to debut for PC and consoles beginning on September 20th, and will eventually roll out for IOS and Android devices sometime shortly after that.

This news arrives alongside the retail release for Batman – The Telltale, which is now available in the form of a season pass disc in North America as of today.

You can purchase the copy for $29.99 from all good video game retailers, which will grant you immediate access to Episode 1, and the subsequent four episodes of the series as soon as they arrive.

Those in Europe can expect to find a physical copy of the game at local video game stores a little later, on September 16th.


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