Need Some Awkward Today? Watch the PlayStation Event’s Hilarious Mic Flub

There was a lot of awesome things revealed at the PlayStation Event earlier today. We finally got to see the PS4 Slim and Pro, Mass Effect Andromeda footage was revealed, and it all looked stunning. Unfortunately, there was one part that was really awkward, and that came courtesy of Activision’s Andy Hendrickson. He came on stage to talk some Call of Duty, but he didn’t realize that his mic wasn’t on.

Awkward, most certainly. Even worse was the fact that you can actually hear a guy go “…his mic isn’t on”. Ouch. On a scale of cringe, it’s not quite as awkward as that flub at the Game Awards, but it gets close. As far as what Hendrickson was supposed to be saying at the PlayStation Event (after he got a hold of a mic), he revealed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Black Ops 3 would all be getting Day One patches so they’d work with the PS4 Neo.

Also, this is probably the best burn to ever be burned.

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