Microsoft Tries to Clap Back at Sony’s PlayStation Event on Twitter

Xbox One S, Microsoft

Oh, snap.

Earlier today, Sony finally announced both the long rumored PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, new systems that’ll be due out for release later this year. Both have their own functions, with the Pro having HDR and 4K resolution, while the Slim has, um…the advantage of being skinnier and cheaper than the Pro. While that does indeed sound awesome, it didn’t stop distinguished competition, Microsoft, from getting in a potshot at their expense.

Microsoft makes a good point–the Xbox One S does do in one system what Sony has to divide into two. It’s a good natured rib at the PlayStation Event, but it didn’t stop the rest of Twitter from taking some shots at Xbox’s Microsoft’s expense.

Of course, there was also just reactions that were funnier than the original post.

Regardless of what system you prefer, it’s nice that we finally know that the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro exist. Now, Microsoft, when can we expect to hear more about that Xbox Scorpio you were talking about?

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