Mercy and Roadhog from Overwatch are Together, Says Blizzard Customer Service Rep

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The Overwatch fandom loves the near two dozen cast of characters. So much so that one Reddit user, Proky2319, wanted to marry the underappreciated healer, Mercy. But as with most marriages, he wanted the blessing of her…parents (?) before proposing, so they contacted Blizzard’s customer support. Before you start with those wedding bells, you should know that customer service turned them down. The reason? Well, Mercy’s already spoken for, by none other than Roadhog.

Why him? Well, according to the service rep, he’s the “most noble, handsome, fit, intelligent and morally upright character” in the game. She has many candidates, of course – cough, Pharah, cough – but ol’ Hog ate them all. And apparently, that’s not a figure of speech, like he literally may have eaten anyone else who wanted her heart. Gross. The service rep ends the letter by saying they hoped his heart isn’t broken “too much,” but who are we kidding, that’s a lie.

Congrats to the happy couple in Overwatch…is what we’d be saying, if Mercy totally didn’t belong with Pharah and Roadhog clearly wasn’t married to Junkrat.

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