Luke Cage’s Final Trailer is All About the Bullets and Punching

The third Defender.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is just a few days away from dropping on Netflix. Expectations are high for the third series, and this final trailer reminds you of what to expect from the thirteen-episode show: Luke is going to be punching a lot of people.

A year after dealing with Jessica Jones’ problems with Kilgrave, Luke (played by Mike Colter) heads back to his hometown of Harlem to find a life of solitude and just be a regular dude. (A regular dude who can take a shotgun blast to chin with not much repercussions, but a regular dude nonetheless.) This being a Marvel show, that doesn’t last long, and he soon finds himself using his super strength and donning a hoodie to take back Harlem from Cottonmouth Stokes. Well, it’ll be one of several hoodies–turns out getting shot tends to ruin them after a couple of bullets.

Luke Cage premieres on Netflix this Friday.

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