Did Kojima Just Confirm Mads Mikkelsen for Death Stranding With a Chibi Friendship Ring?

Finally, a look inside the mind of Kojima.

Hideo Kojima took the stage at PlayStation’s TGS Press Conference, and he brought friends with him.

The creator opened up his presentation with a brief talk on his new game, Death Stranding, and the founding inspirations behind it. Mass strandings, he said, occur when large numbers of whales and dolphins beach themselves on shore. If they’re dead, this is called death stranding.

But strands, he continues, also signify bonds. Bonds that tie people together. Like in this circle of friendship:


Here we see probably the true inside of Kojima’s mind. Four friends, bound by a single strand in eternal happiness. From left to right, the figures represent Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima, and what seems to be Mads Mikkelsen.

mads mikkelsen

Mikkelsen’s involvement with Death Stranding was first rumored back in August, when fans pieced together images suggesting his presence at a motion capture session. Knowing Kojima, his appearance in this image following those rumors is no coincidence.

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