The Legend of Zelda’s Link is Heading to Monster Hunter Stories

Another Nintendo Direct broadcast has come and gone, but there was a piece of news that might have slipped past some fans. That’s because the piece of information about Monster Hunter Stories never made it to the North American stream.

In that segment it was announced that Nintendo and Capcom had worked together to bring Link’s signature outfit, shield, and weapon into the game. These items aren’t just for looks either, as we get to see the character in action using the sword, riding Epona around, and what looks like a special attack as the Tri-Force is activated.

Currently, it is not known if this is a pre-order special, if the items are found in the game, or just how easy it is to get these items. Monster Hunter Stories is set to release on Oct. 8 for the 3DS in Japan, there is no release date as of this report for North America and Europe. The game is also set to get its second wave of amiibo which will be releasing in December.


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