Hyper Light Drifter Gets an Update on Steam, Introduces an Easy Mode and 60fps

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Back to the pixels.

Hyper Light Drifter has just gotten a game update on Steam, and the new patch brings in a few changes that might make you want to go back to see what’s new. In addition to a better frame rate (it now runs at 60 frames per second), the game now has an easy mode and a Boss Rush mode. Here are the details, via the Steam page:

Boss Rush + Newcomer
As no small aside, in addition to the frame rate boost, we have a Boss Rush mode with new achievements! It can be unlocked after you beat the game in the standard mode.

We also have a “Newcomer” mode for folks looking for a less intense challenge. It will have a limited set of achievements in it, so players will have to beat the game on the standard mode in order to get everything.

The patch is only available for PC users at the moment, but it will be coming to other platforms soon. Hyper Light Drifter is now available on Steam and consoles.

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