New Horizon: Zero Dawn Footage Is Gorgeous on PlayStation 4 Pro

New footage of Guerilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn has been revealed at Sony’s PlayStation meeting, with the game being shown off in 4K.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, a 4K capable console that is an upgrade on the standard PlayStation 4, was revealed at the show, with a lot of footage of upcoming games.

One of the games shown off was Horizon: Zero Dawn and it looked beautiful. The gameplay showed the protagonist taking on a giant robot by climbing it and “curing” it with her spear. She then jumps off the top of it and swings to her safety on the ground. It looked excellent and is something we haven’t seen from the game before.

The Horizon gameplay has not been released on its own but it can be seen as part of a video of the full conference. The Horizon footage begins at the 31:45 minute mark and continues for a few minutes. We will update with the broken out video when it become available but for now you can see the full conference above.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available next February.

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