Hideo Kojima Shares Death Stranding Inspirations, Says More Info to Come at TGS

death stranding hideo kojima

It’s a game about connections.

Hideo Kojima showed up at Sony’s TGS conference today to talk a little bit about his upcoming PS4-exclusive action game, Death Stranding. While we weren’t given any new gameplay footage or trailers, Kojima did take the time to explain the meaning of the term ‘Death Stranding.’ As most fans have already speculated, the term ‘stranding’ comes from cetacean stranding, as well as the relation to whales and beached animals.

He also directed our attention to the game’s logo, and pointed out that the strands that were visible from the bottom of the words were actually cords that connected people to one another. Aside from stranded whales, ‘stranding’ was also meant to evoke the imagery of ropes and cords that linked people together.

Complicated explanations aside, Kojima also stated that the game will have 4K support, and that the game would be open world with some online elements. While he didn’t really have time to go into more detail about Death Stranding, Kojima also stated that we can expect more to come during TGS itself. We’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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