Here’s Destiny: Rise of Iron 1.28 Download Size for PS4 and Xbox One

Glitch in the system.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is almost here and it appears that some Guardians have been having trouble downloading the 1.28 version of the game. In order to actually “unlock” Destiny: Rise of Iron players need to download a small patch that will allow them access to the actual game. Since we downloaded pretty much everything a few weeks back with the 13 GB update. However, it appears that some players are being promoted to download 30 to 50 GBs of data for 1.28.

It’s important to note that this is not the real file size as it only clocks in at a tiny 104.1 mbs. If you are having trouble with downloading this update try to pause and restart the download once more, this can sometimes speed the process along greatly. You can also test your connection or reset your internet connection, which will give you a better representation of the file size. If for whatever reason the problem continues, try ton do a full reboot of your system before downloading the file. Best of luck out there Guardians and we will see you in The Plaguelands tomorrow!

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