Here’s an Arby’s Sandwich With a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade and We’re As Confused As You Are

So recently Arby’s has launched several different photos over the past few months depicting various iconic video game weapons, symbols, and gear next to their food. Today’s may be one of the most baffling as a photo was posted on the official Arby’s Facebook early this morning showing the famed Kingdom Hearts weapon Keyblade atop a chicken sandwich. Above the photo, they quote the famous letter from Kairi stating that they are “Thinking of you, wherever you are.” The replies from Arby’s on this post are also fantastic, as they remark that their employees do not have outfits with an excessive amount zippers on them.

Arbys, Kingdom Hearts

Apparently, if you are looking to fuel up before taking on The Heartless, Arby’s is the right choice. Other games that have been featured in their photos include Fallout 4,  Half-Life 2, Super Metroid, and Joust. Now whether you actually like their food or not, it’s pretty cool to see a company that normally doesn’t associate heavily with gaming start throwing out references and jokes for users. However, I’m still waiting for my Dark Souls/Arby’s crossover.

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