Gravity Rush 2 Trailer Gets Fantastical and Musical in New Trailer

gravity rush 2

Do you remember?

Gravity Rush 2 made an appearance at Tokyo Game Show by way of a new trailer, and it’s definitely something. The sequel, which will explore Kat’s origins, devotes some time to getting a little weird, along with showcasing its heroes musical prowess. Check it out below.

The trailer also introduces a handful of characters and their apparent special abilities. There’s Night Gale, who has birds that perch on her shoulder (and can seemingly have an apparition of a giant bird hover behind her); Delta Team, a pair of hover speeder riders described as “dangerous rebels”; Kali, the “Guardian Angel,”and the “Angel of Destruction” known only as Durga. Kat will come across all of these characters as she returns to Hekseville. There’s also giant robots thrown in there for good measure, because of course there is. All of this will be done in Kat’s effort to “overcome the impossible”.

Gravity Rush shifts onto the PS4 on Dec. 2.

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