Check Out This Sleek Forza Horizon 3 Lamborghini Xbox One S


The Microsoft exclusive racer Forza Horizon 3 is released today and, to celebrate, Microsoft has teamed up with Lamborghini to make this very sleek looking Xbox One S.

As WCCFTech reports, the console is inspired by the car featured on the box art of Forza Horizon 3, the Lamborghini Centario. This special edition console will be worth a lot of money but probably not as much as the car it’s based on which costs $2 million.

Unfortunately, the only way top get your hands on this is to be living in Australia and buying a copy of Forza Horizon 3 before October 2. You can then enter a giveaway that takes place this week at the EB Games Expo. Whoever wins this will have a very rare and unique Xbox One S. Check out more pics below:

Forza Horizon 3 is available now for the Xbox One and PC.


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