Expect to Get Real Cozy With Dead Rising Remaster’s Loading Screen Thanks to This Huge Bug

Dead On Arrival.

The Dead Rising Triple Pack released today and with it came a rather alarming bug for some PlayStation 4 users, myself included. Currently, both Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will not load properly and will get stuck on the copyright screen once you pass the game’s title. This makes 2 of the 3 games offered in this bundle completely unplayable, with only the original Dead Rising actually working. After checking the official Dead Rising subreddit it’s quite clear I am not the only one with this problem.

Reddit users MrZhuzh, FlyAids, and 2LT_Drizzle are reporting the same problem as myself, all of which seem focused around the PlayStation 4 copy of the game. Both the Xbox and PC copies of the game seem to be running fine, with only the occasional framerate stuttering or freezing when a lot of action is taking place on screen. However, if you were considering buying this game on PlayStation 4 you might want to wait until this is patched or at least purchase a digital copy so you can refund the title.

The only way to possibly fix this bug, though it didn’t work for myself, is to delete and reinstall the entire game. You can also contact Capcom’s support at [email protected]. However, both of these aren’t ideal so if you haven’t purchased it we suggest you wait until the problem is fixed on PlayStation 4. Looks like the deadliest thing in Dead Rising 2 is the loading screen, not the zombies.

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